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Becky Edwards wants to become a horse trainer more than anything else in the world. She moves to Del Mar and goes to the Doubletree ranch, looking for any kind of work that will include horses. She is befriended by Melanie Young, team leader and their trainer, Karen Evans and before long she's working with Karen. That doesn't sit well with all the team members and a whispering campaign begins. Suspicious tongues start to wag when a valuable figurine belonging to Billy Martin comes up missing and fingers point to the newcomer. Although exonerated, Becky feels betrayed, and knowing she'll never really be a team member, she starts to pull away from Karen and the team. A lucky twist of fate brings Becky to the barn early one morning and she finds Shievon Mahoney's mare, Megan cast in her stall. A combination of quick thinking and luck allows Becky to pull the little mare off the wall, thus making her a hero to the team and winning Shievon's undying allegiance. That's just the beginning of her adventures along the road to fulfilling her dreams.

Bad girl Emily Goss has a crush on Steve Bianchi that doesn't sit well with his girlfriend, Becky Edwards, or the rest of the Doubletree team. Known throughout the riding community for cruelty to her horses and bad sportsmanship, the kids snub her efforts at friendship. Jealous and angry at their rebuff, she exacts revenge at the Championship show by causing Becky to lose her big class. When the team figures out how she spooked Becky's horse, Jessi Evans returns the trick, causing Emily to have a mishap in the show ring. The battle escalates to war and on the night of the Awards gala, the outcast seeks a wicked revenge. When Billy Martin invites the team to spend Christmas break aboard his mother's yacht and cruise to Hawaii, the kids are ecstatic. Upon boarding the yacht, Melanie Young heads to the restroom, her best friend, Blair Evans, in tow. Shortly after leaving the dock, pirates swarm from below decks and hijack the Sea Nymph. ALL IN THE GAME Big changes are in store for Steve when his parents begin divorce proceedings. With his mother gone, he starts to relax and behave like any normal teen. His seventeenth birthday is fast approaching and he invites the team over to his house to celebrate. His mother picks that same night to return home and crashes Steve's party with disastrous effects. A series of deadly events occur, taking Steve and Becky to the edge. What follows sets the tone for the rest of his life as he comes to grips with harsh realities and the true meaning of love and friendship.

Larry Kline is the newest member of the Doubletree Team. He brings his talented mare, Connie, to the barn and joins the lessons. The team is impressed and readily accepts him as a new member. Not only is Larry a great rider with a fun, outgoing personality, he's very handsome and it's love at first sight for Melanie Young. Beautiful, smart and popular, it would only make sense for him to reciprocate her feelings, and he wants to, but sometimes wanting and doing are poles apart. With both reluctance and relief, he admits to his new friends he's gay. He's pleasantly surprised when they accept his statement without condemnation. Their main concern is for Melanie.

When Billy Martin scores eight tickets to the prestigious Olympic Equestrian Team Trials held in Las Vegas, the Doubletree kids are delighted. The first day of showing brings thrills as a hometown girl they all know places third. Late that night, Becky Edwards gets a call from her old trainer asking for help in an emergency. While at the barn braiding horses for the next day's classes, she hears two men talking about drugging a horse. She recognizes one voice although she can't place it at first. At the show the following day, Sirocco, a highly rated champion mare, is eliminated from the competition due to steroid abuse, and a horrific accident takes one of the top scoring riders out of contention on a permanent basis. Determined to get to the bottom of both mysteries, the kids go sleuthing and what they turn up exposes a part of the show world they never knew existed. Join them in mystery, intrigue and high adventure.

Riding Blind, the latest entry in the exciting Doubletree Series, brings a new cast of characters to the fore as well as old time favorites from the original team. Lisa Freeman, blind since birth, dreams of learning how to ride a horse and with that end in mind, comes to Mystic Ridge for the summer riding group. She falls in love with Angel, the horse her trainer pairs her with, and before the session ends, Lisa accomplishes feats no one, not even she, ever expected. Riding Blind is all about fighting against impossible odds and refusing to quit, no matter what anyone else says about your chances of success. Things don't always come easy for Lisa, but she never ever gives up. In the end her spunk and determination make her a winner all around. Heartwarming story filled with warmth, understanding and great characters.


The Doubletree Kids
The Complete eBook Series

$9.99  Complete 6 book eBook  Series
ISBN 978-0-9850350-5-1

All Six Books  for One Low Price!

$7.99 Paperback ISBN 978-0-9822303-6-7
Paperback , 5"x 8",  171 Pages
$1.99  eBook  ISBN 978-0-9748728-2-7

$9.99 Paperback ISBN 978-0-9840762-0-8
Paperback , 5"x 8",  315 Pages
$1.99 eBook ISBN 978-0-9840762-3-9

Two Books In One $9.99 in Paperback
Only $1.99 in for the eBook

$7.99 Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9840762-4-6 
Paperback , 5"x 8",  222 Pages
 $1.99 eBook ISBN 978-0-9748728-5-8

$7.99 Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9822303-7-4
Paperback , 5"x 8",  219 Pages
$1.99 eBook ISBN 978-0-9748728-6

$7.99 Paperback  ISBN 978-0-9845913-3-6
Paperback , 5"x 8",  294 Pages
$1.99 eBook ISBN 978-0-9845913-4-3   

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